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Sept. 6, 2014

Mauii at Sunset A digital pen by artist John Scott

Posted on September 6, 2014 at 9:00 PM by John Scott

Enjoy the creative process in your artistic expression.

You do not have to be the best artist, just be passionate to propel the human experience while pushing boundaries of your limitations. Don not judge yourself soley on the opinion of others. God has given each individual a set of talents and abilities that differ frome another. Use what you have and enjoy the moment and process in developing your talent.

Talent used in photography has a scientific factor, but science does not have to hamper your creative process. Take what you know and build on it. Take this photo shot in Mauii Hawaii beach for example. Wind was blowing, it was dusk and the need to capture the colors in the sky were an important to me. Knowing a few basic rules such as ISO 400 and using a tripod assists in getting the longer exposures needed. Second was faming the palm tree to showcase the wind, but still maintaining enough sky to capture the moment at dusk.

Lens settings speed are important factors to capture light. Using older prime lenses afforded me the ability to shoot the shot close to F2.8. Setting the Speed on camera fast enough to capture the wind in the palm tree and not blur the shot from its force on the fronds. Setting the speed to 1/250 second gave me the desired speed needed to stop the action of the wind on the fronds.

Don't forget to set the White Balance. At Dusk the 5600 K setting does not work as well in dusk situations. I found playing with white balance closer to 4800K had the desired colors needed to capture the colors of the Mauii sky. Setting the speed to 1/250 F2.8 at ISO 400 with a white balance of 4800 left me with an image that fit my needs. If the wind was not blowing, I may have choose to shoot at F16 at 1/5 of a second on the tripod at ISO 160. Depends on the mood you wish to convey and that artistic expression that flows through the lens. Happy shooting.

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June 20, 2015

Blood Moon in Nevada

Blood Moon Tetrad A digital pen by John Scott

Posted on September 6, 2014 at 9:00 PM by John Scott

Photographing the Blood Moon Tetrad in Nevada.

Shooting the blood moons in the desert areas of Las Vegas has been a very challenging and worthwhile endouver. Using a tripod and my trusty Nikon camera with a trigger cord, I drive to a dark area in Nevada to photograph rare events in our solar system. This Tetrad has happened a few times in the past. Unique this time as the last one ends at Ramadan.Each Blood Moon has unique characteristics from time of night to location in the night sky.

To develop the photo I use a 300 mm lens at F11-F16 at ISO 100. Speed varies as the blood turns more red. Usually around 1/5 second. I also like the setting of -3V in order to see the small color variations in the moon. Happy shooting.

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June 20, 2015

Red Rock Early A digital pen by artist John Scott

Posted on June 20, 2015 at 9:00 PM by John Scott

Nature Photography early morning.

Creative photography usually means shooting in very early morning or later in the evening as light is at its best. Using the special time of the morning and a cup of coffee, I enjoy the Nevada Red Rock morning sunrise. At around 5:45 AM in the early spring right before sunrise created an optimal time to shoot this photograph.

I placed my trust 50 mm lens and sat the camera to ISO 200, Aperature of F2.0 and speed 1/5 of a second. Using a tripod and trigger release cable, I take time enjoying the birds singing as I snap off a few frames. I enjoy the moments that I am out in nature enjoying God's handy work. Amazing how water and geologic pressure created such an artistic mountain range. Rusing the iron in the rock created bands of deep red. Sandstone and quartz rock mix in a colorful display that makes this a truly enjoyable mountain range to photograph. Happy shooting.

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