John Scott Identity Showcasing photo and art projects

Nevada State College Student Retention Design

Nevada State College Poster Wall

Identity design using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software. Design was used for student marketing and information.

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Pepper Chef - Basic Cook Design Logo

Basic cooking website character

Animation character to make basic cooking atractive and fun for a wide audience.

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Martial Arts Graphic Tee Design

Martial Arts Fire Eagle Design for T-shirt

Several hundered T-shirts were purchased to promote World Karate Championships in Las Vegas.

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Superstars Musical Tribute

Identity Branding, art, photo layout

CD Jacket and design printed in Canada for World Entertainment. Branding and Musical ecommerce website. Onesheet marketing to record stores.

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World Championships Banner

ShowAV Email Marketing Banner

BC Productions Logo

A Classy Basket Logo Design

Teens In Vegas Website Promotion, Photos by John Michael Ferrari

Teens In Vegas Website Promotion, Photos by John Michael Ferrari, Design by John Scott


Web Banners

Banners for Websites, Marketing Emails

Original concept art, Illustration, Photography and Typography.