Services What JS Web Media does best

JS Web Media provides assistance in the Las Vegas Valley to small business startups, education, churches and other businesses that promote wholeness and well-being We assist with brand photography and design, video production, web design and marketing to propel these indivuals and companies with startup assistance. We coordinate design, marketing strategies and creativity to these businesses that want to make Las Vegas a better community to live.

JS Web Media creates Identity Design for a variety of products.

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We provide high quality digital photography using Nikon systems and custom lighting techniques. Our portfolio for modeling and landscape (1,2, 3) photography is available online.

We provide standard definition and high definition video production services in Las Vegas, NV

We shoot on a several formats, 16:9, 4:3 and 4K depending on scope of project. We also use Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier CC workflows depending on the project. I create artistic energetic designs that are woven through the video to enhance audience message and visual appeal.

We provide some web design front end development in Las Vegas, NV

We use Adobe Dreamweaver to design simple HTML 5 design pages to promote small businesses in Las Vegas. We assist these small businesses with layout and design interfaces. In adition we use best practice and analytic tools to write and promote webpages through social media and other online blogging mediums.

We provide 3D animation to create artisitic design in video production in HD video formats.

We provide mechanical 3D animation in Lightwave 3D and Maya using a variety of techniques and artistic styles.

We design your products to meet cutting edge communication in Las Vegas, NV

We utilize a host of software programs and technology to build cutting edge design solutions to propel your communication message. Our design software programs include Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Final Cut Studio. 3D animation tools like Lightwave and Maya are use to create animation products to enhance the visual message.

Video Production

Creative video production in standard or high definition with motion and special effects.


Web Design

Providing creative design concepts to increase web branding of your business.

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Identity Design

Identity design using a variety of style and looks to enhance your image branding.